Welcome to the home of the 26th Security Police Squadron, Zweibrucken AB, Germany.
To all our brother units that called Zwei home, please make yourself at home and enjoy the site! 
This site is dedicated to the base we affectionately know as "Sunny Zwei"...Zweibrucken AB in southwestern Germany.  Zweibrucken AB, with it's rich and varied history, was closed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 but will live in the hearts and minds of all that had served there.
Have a Parkbrau and snoop around the site!!!   New pics added to patches, 26th pics and documents.
New on 10/16/09:  Howdy all.  Finally got the updater to work after two years!!!!.  As always, welcome to all our new and old friends alike who have found us.  Please remember to sign the guestbook so we can add your information to our contact list.  Holy crap, do I have some serious updating to do!!!!
NEW: For those of you that feel like a trip back to Zwei right now, check out the webcam of the Herzogplatz and the outlets at Zwei on the official City of Zweibrucken website.  In German, just scroll down to "webcam".  
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Zweibrucken Goodbye videos!
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