Atomic Cartoons
This site has the best artwork I've seen!
Check out "Bad Cop"
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My favorite web cartoon
Funny cop cartoons and a great set of links!
All kinds of cartoons, even lots of good police toons
A bi-weekly comic strip with a slightly goofy sense of humor. 
Wave cursor to shoot dancing hamsters!  Any page whose LINK is this fun, you just gotta visit!
Hilarious satire newsrag, with cartoons
List of comics ranked according to hits
By a longshot...FUNNIEST
animations on the web.
(frog blender site)
This site is the best caricature art site I have come across.  At the "me" gallery you can see the artist as drawn by some of the best professional caricaturists of our time.  A definate must-see.
A very extensive collection of web toons.  Super easy to navigate!
A great site from the U.K. with lots of comics..check it out!
A consistantly funny daily panel from a very prolific artist.  Check it out for a guaranteed chuckle.
Aford.... The best turtle comic on the web.  Good stuff!
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