Courtesy of Garey McKee of
Courtesy of Paul Roustan of
By Brandi, age 11
By Meghann, age 11
If you have any cop art to post and want a link, please feel free to send it to me.  God knows I need all the help I can get!
Guest Art!
In my mind, fan art is unsolicited artwork submitted to a person or site that showcases the creator's talent while at the same time acknowledges the recipient's impact on their visit or own style. 

I do not consider the following pieces "fan art" because  1. I asked the artist for a contribution and  2.  These are artists with their own sites and projects who graciously took the time to fill in for me when I was unable to draw.  Hence the "guest art" label.  

Of course, these cartoons are property of the respective artists, not please do not duplicate or transfer them without consent!  Enjoy! 

Courtesy of Paul Roustan of
Courtesy of Garey McKee of
Stuff I have done
Fan Art
This is perhaps the most flattering piece of fan art I have been sent over the years.  It is from James in Florida, who had one of my drawings done as a tatttoo!  Thanks for the pic James...