TenNinetySeven (police code for arrived on scene) is my nod to the hard working men and women of the law enforcement community who keep the 'hood safe for us all. 

  The cartoons on this site are all original.  They are by cops and for everyone to enjoy.  Please have fun with them but don't steal them.  When I see my cartoons as wallpaper or posted on a page with a credit or link, I am flattered.  When I see them altered or used without my permission, I am pissed.  Heck, i'm not selling anything... take all you want, just drop me an email!!   

My intent is to entertain people with the lighter side of our job, poking fun at this group of people as diverse and interesting as any , without getting shot.   Ok, BULL****,  I just like making fun of the people I work with (and for).....Is that so wrong? 

This site will be in a constant state of construction (time permitting) so please bear with me.  Hope you enjoy! 
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